Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Here is how I got mine for $32

1) First Find out if you qualify for the $32 Electric Powered Wheelchair Here

2) Make sure enter your valid phone number since they will contact your doctor, submit Medicare forms for you and process all insurance paperwork

3) Orbit Medical is the company that qualifies you for the $32 Electric Powered Wheelchair

4) After they qualified me they even delivered it for free and setup it up also. The person also gave me easy training. Total cost to me was just $32!

5) Take my advice, life is better with a pride power wheelchair from Orbit Medical

6) If you don't qualify for the above program still contact Orbit Medical here to see if you can get your scooter for no cost.

7) Please remember you CAN still contact them if the wheelchair is for someone you know

Tim Ackerman

PS: After you submit the form, a mobility specialist from Orbit Medical or The Wheelchair Alliance will call you and they will help you find out if you qualify for an electric wheelchair. If you are a good candidate, then they will handle all of the insurance paperwork so that you don't have to.


  1. They are the best. Thanks for the info Tim - James

  2. Please desist from posting links on our newspaper site plugging this. We have removed the dozen you have posted so far. We will continue removing them. It is not helping your SEO as we're taking them down as fast as you add them. All that it's doing is reflecting poorly on your business and wasting your time and ours.


  3. And we've just deleted some more. You posted one on a story about a local girl killed in a terrible accident.

    Even if I was going to buy one of these I would not do so from a company using the death of an innocent child as a way to get traffic for their websites.

    Shame on you.